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Record-breaking numbers of journalists travel to ONA’s conference each year to learn about new tools, techniques and technologies, to discuss advancements and challenges in the industry, take advantage of the rare opportunity to network face-to-face, and share best practices with peers from all over the map.

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17-19 October 2013

Atlanta, USA

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“When do I see a photograph, when a reflection?” ― Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly #tinycollective #atlanta #ona13

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Nate Silver: If you play Russian roulette you have an 83% of surviving. But that doesn't make it a good idea. #ona13

"Insiderism" is the enemy of objectivity. - Nate Silver. #accessjournalism #ona13

Hangout: Explore Our Changing World with Your Shot

Drone demo @ONA13

the Storyline Ontology

The ONA 2013 Midway

What do Julian Assange's Friends think about The Fifth Estate?

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"There is an asymmetry at the moment of how the government can access our information" but isn't immediately transparent to journalists, attorney Naboha Syed observed during a keynote panel on the third and final day of ONA13. Her succinct observation came on the tail end of an hour long discussion centered around the Edward Snowden...

Welcome to the interactive version of our program. For a complete description of Listen, Solve and Make and details on the conference, take a look at our blog post. You can organize your view by clicking on a day or by filtering to a session type.

1) Statistics aren't just numbers. 2) Data requires context 3) Correlation is not causation 4) Take the average, stupid 5) Intuition is a poor judge of probability 6) Know thy priors aka know your preconceptions 7) 'Insiderism' is the enemy of objectivity 8) Making predictions improves accountability Bonus quote: "A bet is a tax on bullshit."

Howard Owens is one of the smartest journalism entrepreneurs in the business. He launched The Batavian as a digital challenger to the Batavia Daily News in New York, and his small business is thriving. I was interested yesterday to see that Howard had blogged with some advice for local websites competing with Patch.

Welcome to Fact Tank, a new, real-time platform from the Pew Research Center, dedicated to finding news in the numbers. Fact Tank will build on the Pew Research Center's unique brand of data journalism. For years, our teams of writers and social scientists have combined rigorous research with high-quality storytelling to provide important information on issues and trends shaping the nation and the world.

Important Information & Links: Wifi - Network: Marriott_Conference; Password : ONA13 ONA 2013 Program Schedule Livestream ONA 2013 Official Hashtag: #ONA13 Attendees at #ONA13 Twitter List Live Blog You will need to enable JavaScript in order to use the Widget. Latest posts by CamMi Pham (see all)

Filmmaker Samantha Grant hosts productive ONA13 session on improving journalistic ethics, building public trust A session that started with video clips and ominous reminders of the damage caused by the Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal that rocked the journalism world, quickly transitioned into a productive brainstorming conference aimed at enhancing the media's credibility and building public trust.

Ladies and gentleman, start your smartphones. The Online News Association's annual conference kicks off on Thursday in Washington, D.C. It's the nation's only sold-out journalism conference each year, meaning this is the place to be if you're excited about news in the digital age.

Cuando la HBO o alguna otra cadena de televisión realice el documental del mandato completo del reelegido presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama , un joven bloguero de 34 años llamado Nate Silver seguramente tendrá un papel protagonista en el film.

Overview of the lawsuit The Bomber's history of lawfare continues Brett Kimberlin has filed a $1 million lawsuit against five bloggers, falsely accusing them of harassment, defamation and conspiracy. If he can stop citizen-journalists from telling the truth about him, the intimidation factor will endanger First Amendment rights for everyone.

He's been described as a statistician/journalist, and he embraces the slash. At the keynote lunch, Nate Silver, who predicted the 2012 presidential election in all 50 states in his FiveThirtyEight blog at the New York Times and is currently working on a digital-first project at ESPN, talked about what journalists should know about statistics and a bit about the future

Once the Times' first social media editor, today Jennifer (@jenniferpreston) writes about the news for The Lede, the Times' blog that examines what takes place behind news events. We asked her how she uses Twitter, and how it helps her verify facts in fast-moving stories.

This year Live Blog and Superdesk will be travelling to Atlanta to participate and gain feedback at the ONA Conference. The 2013 Online News Association Conference and Awards Banquet takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from October 17-19.

Everyone is hating on journalism, and I'm tired of it.Two years ago, I shipped off to college, wide-eyed and ready to write. I had plans: I would master the feature lede. I would abhor the Oxford comma. I would graduate with my journalism degree and run off to The Chicago Tribune where surely, surely I'd be hired to be the next page-two columnist.

Para esta iniciativa se utilizó información recabada desde 2001, y se trabajó todo un año con la colaboración de más de 15 voluntarios de la fundación. Seguir leyendo El European Journalism Centre (EJC) anunció que se encuentra abierta la inscripción para su curso online y gratuito Haciendo Periodismo con Datos.

In February Chelsea Manning delivered a lengthy statement to the military court that would eventually sentence her to 35 years in prison for leaking classified military secrets to WikiLeaks. In her statement she revealed that before approaching WikiLeaks she tried to deliver her cache of documents to the Washington Post and the New York Times.