QCon London 2013

4-8 March 2013

 London, England

QCon London is the seventh annual London enterprise software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects and project management is back! There is no other event in the UK with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, .NET, Html5, Mobile , Agile, and Architecture communities.

Talked to the Artifactory guys at #qconlondon - didn't know they are also behind Bintray. Neat!
Looking forward to #qconlondon this week - some great Cloud content including #cloudfoundry case studies from places you might not expect!
Just confirmed that I will be at #qconlondon next week, looking forward to the Cloud track with some #cloudfoundry content :-)
Arrived at #qconlondon. sorting through the dead tree fragments in the bag I was handed.
Cool, @twilio London are in the house #qconlondon - reminder to $self to build more cool #cloudfoundry demos with their API :-)
Nice to find @opencredo tucked away on the 3rd floor at #qconlondon - good peeps. Looking forward to their cloud talks.
RT @pivotallabs: Check out Pivotal Labs London at #QConLondon: Thurs eve meetup http://t.co/ppks513BqM <- be there! :-) #cloudfoundry #ruby
Great chat with Skype team and @skypejobs ahead of #qconlondon keynote. Sounds like big new team in central London.
Keynote speaker Prof Barbara Liskov mentioning the scarcity of female speakers in #qconlondon programme...
"People still don't know how to handle concurrency" *ripple of laughter* #qconlondon
Let’s get this straight. Barbara Liskov invented CLU… the Grid… TRON? #qconlondon (actually, fascinating discussion of language evolution)
Barbara Liskov - languages divided between “expert” (Java, C#) and “simple” (Python) - simple don’t have data abstractions #qconlondon
Liskov - we need a language that meets needs of advanced and beginner users they can grow with #qconlondon
About to hear about “Putting a Red Nose on the Cloud” at #qconlondon. Comic Relief / Red Nose Day using… #cloudfoundry :-)
Putting a Red Nose on the Cloud - 25th anniversary of Comic Relief this year #qconlondon http://t.co/b3X5QdWHNg
Big win meeting @jamesparton @sydlawrence at #qconlondon - looking forward to doing some cool stuff with @twilio API soon.
Comic Relief platform using #cloudfoundry and #bosh with Jenkins CI. #qconlondon http://t.co/KL9iaxS0kt
Sounds like some hardcore devs involved in this platform... They use... tmux! :-) #qconlondon
Over 2 days of testing, by scaling #cloudfoundry DEAs, nginx proxies, platform scaled from 33tx/sec->500+ - flexibility of PaaS! #qconlondon
Great talk by @zenonhannick @timjsavage about Comic Relief use of the cloud #qconlondon
Loving the Cloud track @hatofmonkeys has put together at #qconlondon
@JemimaG normally in Blue Fin opposite... But at #qconlondon in Westminster rest of week :-( rain check?
Perils of portability? #qconlondon http://t.co/dXdxViRMMt
Just met a charming colleague of Mr @ActionLamb - with some great swag too :-) #azure #qconlondon
Now @garethr on cloud portability #qconlondon @gdsteam
Heh “AWS has more acronyms than Government” says @garethr :-) #qconlondon
"Vagrant 1.1 will be interesting" says @garethr #qconlondon
RT @robb1e: gov.uk hand rolled CMS uses markdown with https://t.co/A0WCfZftr2 #qconlondon
“it’s kids making up lots of really brilliant stuff really quickly” - @garethr on lack of standards bodies in cloud hehe :-) #qconlondon
Respect to @garethr accepting the DynamoDB ElastiCache analogies as “PaaS” not quite right - they’re NOT IaaS, for sure though #qconlondon
Heh, #atlassian going all out for the geek vote #qconlondon with the Angry Nerds tshirts #want :-)
About to listen to Simon Peyton Jones talk about fixing ICT in schools #qconlondon
RT @wsbfg: My notes from Martjin Verburg's Garbage Collection, the useful parts. https://t.co/Lev5KFCUAl #qconlondon
RT @teropa: Snapped a panorama of the Liskov/@ImageThink piece #qconlondon http://t.co/ka50qScHGn
Loving Simon Peyton Jones analysis of why we need to teach Computer Science - it’s like any elementary science - important base. #qconlondon
@garethr was telling @psd, very much enjoyed the talk (barring slight definition quibbles) - catch you later #qconlondon
Simon Peyton Jones energetically (frenetically?) talking about reshaping curriculum around computing. Sensitive to ICT teachers #qconlondon
“CAS has been around 4 years, the Royal Society 400 years, Newton was in it… guess who the Govt listened to?” Simon Peyton Jones #qconlondon
CS in schools - “this is OUR problem - we can fix this” amen! Simon Peyton Jones #qconlondon
So much love in the room over Computing in schools! Simon Peyton Jones #qconlondon great community http://t.co/bAU8i8BPgq
RT @stilkov: "Most websites are better REST APIs than what we call Web APIs" @rickardoberg at #qconlondon
“Q: Why do you use Comic Sans” “Because I like it” Simon Peyton Jones #qconlondon
More #cloudfoundry at #qconlondon w00t! Now "extending CF with new Services" http://t.co/FB0pWNQVKx
No-one say "fork"! Why your PaaS should be hackable #qconlondon http://t.co/rOuN2UasLD
Hmm #qconlondon wifi held up fine all morning but now "unavailable due to system limitations" on 6th :-/
Nice demo of #cloudfoundry basics from @christhedley #qconlondon
Dateline: London #qconlondon @ Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre http://t.co/HiTeKEc6EX
RT @grantjforrester: Good advice at #qconlondon. Know your HTTP status codes and use them.
RT @davidlaing: Notes on how to add your own custom service to your #cloudfoundry instance - http://t.co/4OOFybhyBU #qconlondon <- this! :)
There’s a @pivottallabs meet up at #qconlondon Thur evening 6.30 (LRUG meeting) - http://t.co/qzJJ7e8lmJ - #cloudfoundry folks about too!
@robb1e are you around #qconlondon? Would be great to say hi. Wandering exhibitors reception on 5 in CF shirt :-)
RT @matthewpskelton: Disappointing vendor pitch from AWS instead of useful detail on HA Architecures #QConLondon
Omg genetically engineered zombie super bananas! #qconlondon freaking brilliant final keynote in day 1
OMG zombie superbananas! #qconlondon
Ok standout talk of #qconlondon already - @chanezon you need to watch the video of day one closing keynote
#knowyouraudience #qconlondon nailedit
“Here is it is implemented in Postscript… yep, we’re gonna do a walkthrough! this is the editor from NeXT...” #qconlondon #awesome
“isn’t [postscript] a convenient language? aren’t you wondering why you’re not using it instead of Java?” #qconlondon zomg priceless!
Language wars! #qconlondon so far Postscript vs Perl vs Python… :-)
@IanSkerrett @alblue Damian Conway. It’s brilliant. #qconlondon
“the next dead language I want to talk about is C++…” *laughter* “not actually dead…” #qconlondon
RT @ChristHedley: Damien Conway == legend! #qconlondon
“I find C++ much more pleasant to code in when I just DRAW WHAT I WANT” lol #qconlondon
Omfg one of the best keynotes ever #qconlondon lmao
Wish my former Latin teacher could see this talk. #qconlondon
Relearning Latin at #qconlondon - no wonder I (still, mostly) understand stuff
Programming languages in Latin #qconlondon http://t.co/vMjbMtd7NX
“you have to do a bit of work in Rails to NOT have an API!” @psd #qconlondon
Listening to @psd @dgheath21 talk about gov.uk APIs at #qconlondon - but playing with the JSON content… meh. No real doc beyond a blog post.
“It’s the last act of a desperate man to read the manual… just let users plug around on the website” @psd #qconlondon
RT @grantjforrester: “Nobody got fired for choosing open source” #qconlondon
. @psd highlighting speed of prototyping with OSS versus proprietary sw which needs to be procured -> win for govt #qconlondon
Had bit of a play with @gdsteam data during @psd @dgheath21 talk but the data needs a lot of simplification to be useful IMO #qconlondon
Think I narrowly dodged the second corporate sales-pitch of the day when I realised the “websockets in finance” talk is Kaazing #qconlondon
Off to listen to @notatibm talk about WebSphere, for old times’ sake :-) #qconlondon
RT @trisha_gee: Cumbersome, complicated, magic - words the audience use to describe JEE @notatibm #QConLondon
Heh @notatibm using LEGO-like graphics to demonstrate JavaEE building blocks #qconlondon
“Rational Team Concert… bit more Git-like than CMVC… but not Git, which is frustrating at times” @notatibm on IBM source control #qconlondon
Wow! took 24 hours to build something w. IBM’s internal Mantis (Ant-based) system! down to 15 mins on Liberty, 7 hours of test. #qconlondon
Heh @notatibm has Ubuntu Touch and WebSphere Liberty running on his Nexus 7 #qconlondon
Cool! Yak shaving and etymology of the term was just mentioned at #lrug #qconlondon /cc @preshavedyak :-) http://t.co/OA6CGV78EB
Enjoyed @allolex linguistics talk at #lrug #qconlondon
Listening to @robb1e from @pivotallabs talking at #lrug #qconlondon meeting
RT @ChristHedley: Feedback from #qconlondon is that the we really need to sell the power of #PaaS and not just #cloudfoundry
This morning at #qconlondon I will be mostly listening to talks by Makers
Now for some wearable computing #qconlondon @rainycat http://t.co/PJ6v35znCo
RT @m4tthall: RabbitMQ and .NET, finally something not Java orientated ;-) @mikehadlow #QConLondon
RT @sbisson: Fitbit in my pocket, 15 year old smartwatch on my wrist, that’s me in @rainycat’s #qconlondon session on wearable computing…
Both @romillyc and @rainycat giving a big shout-out to makers, Brighton mini maker Faire #bmmf etc #qconlondon
Nice shout out for @ShrimpingIt as a good input for wearable electronics @rainycat #qconlondon /cc @DebbieDavies
I see @Quick2Wire products in my future following @romillyc talk at #qconlondon this morning.
The eminent @cpswan is taking the stage in Whittle #qconlondon to talk Consumerisation in IT
What was all the applause about in the exhibitor area over lunch #qconlondon
Chromium to the rescue? asks @cpswan #qconlondon
“enterprise doesn’t choose stuff; people do; some of those people work for the enterprise” @cpswan #consumerisation #qconlondon
RT @stilkov: iOS icons done in CSS: http://t.co/n2vfLBHtT1 (via @synodinos at #qconlondon)
“Hybrid is NOT the best of both worlds…” - end up doing more coding to tailor for platforms @cpswan #qconlondon
heh - not a hybrid strategy http://t.co/NzukgHgvy3 @cpswan #qconlondon
“so what can we do about the suckage of IE…?” @cpswan #qconlondon
Really nice talk on practical issues around BYOD for enterprises from @cpswan, smart man. #qconlondon
good point around trustworthiness of data from IoT situations requiring security and containers as found in mobile @cpswan #qconlondon
Tempted by the last session #qconlondon http://t.co/WTX8K63nSI
On the "conferences that get it" scale Qcon is right up there. Thanks, #qconlondon :-)
RT @Epilogger: The top tweeters at #qconlondon were : @teropa, @andypiper, & @chickoo75! See the top ten on Epilogger: http://t.co/c ...