That Conference

11-14 August 2013

 Wisconsin, USA

Spend 3 days, with 1000 of your fellow campers in 150 sessions geeking out on everything Mobile, Web and Cloud at a giant waterpark.

my geekling rockin' open spaces at #thatconference #scratch
OH: "if you're in c++, null can cause demons to fly out of your nose" #thatconference
"My mom's a geek" via @sadukie's adorable 16mo's shirt #thatconference
@ppog_penguin It was such an honor to meet you at @thatconference! You, sir, are an inspiration :-)
. @scichelli rockin' the house #thatArduino #thatConference
what a pretty @alanstevens #thatconference
At #wit panel hosted by #DotNetRocks at #thatconference
@rachelreese @julielerman It was 57(!) one night when I was at @thatconference, sitting on the patio w people. I almost froze to death :-P
RT @ryanwebjackson: Does anyone know who gave the Open Space talk on making mobile experiences suck less? @ThatConference #ThatConference
My daughter took a freaky pic in the Vortex Tunnel at #thatconference (we were being silly)
:-) :-) :-) MT @scichelli: Zombies! @mjcichelli is now Git Infected because of @coridrew & @dahlbyk! #ThatConference
RT @csell5: Did we mention that those #ThatConference NFC tags were read\write ndef tags? Enjoy! Now you have something to play around with.
MSN -> ORD after an amazing week in #WisDells for @ThatConference (@ Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) w/ 10 others)
RT @AlZaudtke: @coridrew @ThatConference It was good presentation. Starting to feel symptoms of infection ;) Thanks
RT @wloescher: @DeniseJacobs got room full of geeks to do the wave. At 8:30AM. The force is strong with this one. #ThatConference http://t.…
@denisejacobs you're going from #thatconference to #theconference?
Taking kiddo to Mt Olympus #wisdells #thatconference #fun
I watched the 1st third of my @thatconference talk from yesterday & am surprisingly pleased. Who is that person? Sounds kinda confident :-)
RT @CheyenneJClark: @csell5 Thanks for the hard work putting together @ThatConference so that we can have memories like this…
OH MY GOSH! Stars have aligned! The robot kit Katelyn won at #thatconference IS BASED ON #SCRATCH /cc @scichelli
Hooray! Thank you @whatschrisdoing & Renaissance Learning for AWESOME robot kit prize! #thatconference So excited!
RT @alanstevens: Thanks to @d80buckeye we can relive the “lively” rendition of “Dead or Alive” that woke @Pete_Brown…
In "Kids who code" session at #thatconference the kids are SHARING how they coded stuff at the front. WOW!
Thanks, friends, for your support today facing my biggest fear. Please let me know if our talk helps you try git :-) #thatconference
RT @scichelli: #thatArduino #ThatConference slides (with schematics) on SlideShare, code on GitHub…
RT @scichelli: The code snippets for #thatArduino #ThatConference talk are AutoHotKey. +@kevinpdavis
RT @scichelli: "I decided to give it 2 weeks." @coridrew on git at #ThatConference. This sounds like a good approach in general: Give it 2 …
RT @scichelli: Relating to @coridrew's "before infection" stories, when we didn't know our suffering from pessimistic locking was needless.…
RT @matt_ridley: Learning about building my Git army, hoping to get more people infected when I get back #thatConference @coridrew @dahlbyk
#thatconference Is anyone planning to go from here tomorrow, arriving in Milwaukee about noon or before? #Carpool
RT @SteveDuitsman: Emotion travels through social networks; happiness is more contagious than negativity #thatConference 
RT @astralbodies: Fellow @ThatConference attendees - if you need a taxi tonight & are not able to drive safely call (608) 415-RIDE $2/mile
RT @scichelli: You know what the cure for waterpark-hangover is? Robots! Join me tomorrow at 10:30 am for #Arduino at #ThatConference.
RT @rdlauer: #ThatConference scores again with an awesome @LEGO_Group session for the kids!
RT @kevinpdavis: Git punishes the sloppy and rewards the diligent developer @richcampbell #ThatConference
RT @csell5: i was just given a bacon usb stick at #ThatConference #Winning
In "10 Functional Language Features Every Object-Oriented Programmer Should Crave" by @ppog_penguin #thatconference
Super-excited to see @ppog_penguin speak on functional language features for OO progs today at 1pm #thatconference
"At my work, I'm doing some data stream processing from a mass spectrometer" -17yo high schooler --> Holy crap! Mind.Blown #thatconference
RT @kevinpdavis: At first I was thinking, @DeniseJacobs is pretty awesome, but she's helping us realize that... We're ALL Awesome! #ThatCo…
I met @johnsheehan IRL at #thatconference this morning :-D :-D
Learning about GPU kernal calls from 17yo #thatconference speaker @evanhauck #awesome
RT @sadukie: The #WiT documentary from last night's panel is #ThatConference
RT @scichelli: Easy way to change the future: Sponsor pro-kid tech events like #ThatConference. Kids are too smart to think there's anythin…
RT @grrl_geek: This was so awesome. "@wcyber: #thatconference #that5k ready to rock it!"
+2 @EricSelje: My kids and I had a fantastic time at Game Night at #ThatConference. Thank you organizers and volunteers!
She# Panel? :-P RT @csell5: She++ Panel at #ThatConference #community #diversity #awesome recorded on .NET Rocks!
@richcampbell @carlfranklin what is the link to this wit video? I love that it's encouraging, not angry. #thatconference
+1 RT @ThatConference: @rubybuddha we miss you man.
This was awesome! RT @lancelarsen: Packed room of families watching animals at #ThatConference
Whoa! Learning kid-safe search engine sites exist from @richcampbell & #thatconference
Sorry, last one :-) Just proud of her: One more pic of 10yo's open space session on #Scratch at #thatconference
"Software is like fatty food. You keep adding it to the system & eventually you need an angioplasty" - @richcampbell #thatconference
RT @alanstevens: Hey #ThatConference attendees, does anyone have an acoustic guitar available?
RT @scichelli: So inspired to be learning about #Scratch from @coridrew's geekling at #ThatConference. She's a great developer.
@scottgal and Wisconsin Dells is AWESOME! Stay a couple days after & explore! // @tedneward @ThatConference
. @TRayburn @ExploreMqt @scichelli I got her, announcing her session, on video :) #thatconference /cc @SolarCurve
My 10yo geekling wants to sign up to lead a 2:30 #openspaces session on #Scratch today at #thatconference :-) #fun /cc @exploremqt
Just learned of #CompatInspector in @sadukie's #thatconference talk
@tedneward yes. @thatconference was WONDERFUL// @scottgal
@denisejacobs aw thanks :-) I'd love to take credit but I was just blessed w someone born so strong :-) #goodegg @ThatConference
(5 days after she saw her keynote @thatconference) my daughter just said, "@denisejacobs is a really excellent speaker & really nice, too!"
RT @scichelli: Spotted @coridrew @mjcichelli @CheyenneJClark @brentschooley and me! at #ThatConference
@julielerman ha! The days were beautiful (70s). // @rachelreese @ThatConference
@rachelreese The support of @dahlbyk & friends made it, dare I say, FUN #whoa :-) // @julielerman @ThatConference