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Make event experiences more personal and accessible with professional Mobile Event App

Give your in-person and virtual attendees always-on engagement in the palm of their hand, connecting them to content, other attendees, and important event information. It’s never been easier to launch your event app and create a seamless mobile extension of your event.

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We’re making it easier than ever to interact and engage with your attendees via mobile

Push notifications
Chat, Q&A, polls & surveys

Richer, More Personalized Mobile Event Experiences

Instant access to key event details, live and upcoming sessions, and surveys with a personalized and dynamic home screen based on their registration. Attendees can also build their personal agenda on the fly.

  • Agenda building with ergometric design
  • AI-powered networking recommendations
  • 1:1 attendee messaging
  • Featured sessions and targeted content
  • Multi-lingual event app that senses the device’s native language

Community Building and Engagement

Foster community and keep your attendees on-track and informed in real-time. 

  • Live Q&A, polls, surveys, and gamification
  • Text discussions around key topics
  • Push notifications
  • Downloadable session and exhibitor content
  • Interactive maps to help navigate venue

Lead Generation and Brand Awareness with Mobile Event App

Help exhibitors generate leads and ROI by allowing attendees to request to be contacted-making it easier than ever to schedule in-person or virtual 1:1 meetings.

  • Virtual booths for exhibitor and sponsor showcase
  • Sponsored sessions and exclusive splash pages
  • Custom game challenges to drive attendee and exhibitor interactions
  • Capture inbound leads with contact forms, 1:1 appointments, and booth staff
  • Display a directory of sponsors and exhibitors

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Advanced cameras combined with a large display and fast performance.

Event Mobile Apps

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Maria Claud
Event Mobile Apps

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Antoine Huffmann
Event Mobile Apps

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Nadine Petrolli

High Quality & Prestigious Brands

Advanced cameras combined with a large display and fast performance.



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The answer to this question is simple: they can make it easier for attendees to find what they need and enjoy the event more. Event mobile apps allow you to provide useful information, such as maps, schedules, speaker bios, and more—all in one place. They also allow attendees to communicate with each other and let them know when something interesting happens at your event.

Event mobile apps can also help you save money and resources. For example, by providing important information in one place, you don’t have to print out maps or schedules for attendees. This not only saves paper, but it also means less waste from recycling these materials after your event. You can also reduce the time it takes for attendees to find what they need by using an event mobile app instead of printed materials.

Basically, mobile apps can make your event a success by providing attendees with everything that they need in one convenient place. They can also boost your event’s reach by allowing you to promote it through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Creating a mobile event app is a great way to attract more customers and reach a bigger audience but you need to introduce it properly to your target customers. Here are the best ways to do it

Start the Promotion before Launching it

Mention the upcoming app on your social media, and website and its launching day so your audience gets the message and starts using it as soon as possible. Make sure to show its benefits and attractive features and why it will be easier to use than a website page.

Use Email Marketing

The "Before you go" email is the one usually has the most open rates so use it to promote your mobile app, use QR codes that your guests can use to easily access the app store and download it.

Offer Discounts or Extras

Besides being easier to use than a website page, your app should have extra features that are only available via mobile and encourage your guests to download it, offer discount codes on tickets or promotions for the first ones to get the app.

The event mobile app is an important part of the overall event management process. It can be used to manage all aspects of the event, such as ticketing, registration, attendee check-in and check-out, food and beverage ordering or delivery, conference room reservations and payments, gift shop sales and donations, parking validation and payment options. If you're hosting a conference or convention, these apps can help you keep track of who's attending and what they're purchasing. They can also help you find out where people are coming from so that you know how many vendors need to be booked and how many volunteers need to be recruited.

Event organizers may also use an event mobile app for social media marketing opportunities. For example, if you are hosting a concert at your venue, you could offer a discount code on the app to attendees who share their new concert experience with others through social media channels like Instagram or Facebook. This will help increase attendance at future events by word-of-mouth referrals from current attendees who have enjoyed their experience at the concert venue.

Event planning is one of the most stressful jobs due to all the inconveniences that can arise and the high number of attendees you need to handle which is why you should learn the benefits of using mobile event apps to manage your event with no effort and reach your target audience. Mobile event apps create a better experience for your customers since they will only need a smartphone in order to access the event information and purchase tickets and you save time by automating complex processes such as event registration, managing information, and answering inquiries.

The app includes secure authentication so your audience knows their private information is safe and trusts your company.

The app contains engagement features such as push notifications so your audience can interact with your content and provide feedback as well as express their opinion so you can use that information for future events.

You can integrate this app into social media tools to further promote your event, they have many features that help you customize the event and provide instant content updates, and your attendees can access all the vital information about the event easily.

You can use the app as a way to provide space for sponsorships with banners, sponsored notifications, and ads that will not only increase your revenue but also make your event more attractive to sponsors.