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Prepare for the most successful event you've ever hosted. Raise your revenue and reduce the amount of money you pay in fees by tens of thousands of dollars. Eventifier is incredibly user-friendly, highly adaptable, and cheap beyond belief.

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A simple & easy registration process for you to use

If you're tired of expensive ticketing systems that put their logo at the top of your ticketing page, you'll enjoy how Eventifier gives you complete control over the ticketing experience. If this seems like something that would irritate you, give Eventifier a try. We are here to support your success from the very beginning to the very end. You will have access to a branded ticketing website and experience tailored to fit your company.

Sell your tickets with a card on file reservations

Resume your event now with the help of Eventifier's exclusive pre-reservation feature, which removes the possibility of having to cancel and return many tickets if COVID shuts you down. Ticket buyers can reserve temporary tickets by keeping a card on file, and once you've determined your event's maximum capacity, you can charge all of the buyers' cards in mass.

Tickets with a timed entry for a limited capacity

Are you attempting to sell tickets while restricting the number of people attending each time slot? You can sell tickets for a specific time slot using the timed entry ticketing function of Eventifier. It is easy to set capacity constraints on a per-hour or per-day basis. Events that occur daily or weekly and have a limited capacity. Set a time limit and impose capacity restrictions across all ticket tiers. Change the ability on special days and add additional days of blackouts—exceptional scanning and validation of the tickets.

Host a virtual event effortlessly

Have you experienced shock at how much some virtual event platforms cost? Using Eventifier to manage your online event will result in several thousand dollars in cost reductions. More than one million people have participated in virtual activities. Create an unforgettable experience for your guests at the virtual event you're hosting without costing a fortune.

Ticketing with social distance

Do you need to set up a location with pods so that people can maintain a social distance from one another? The reserved seating pod design that Eventifier provides enables members of the same household to book tickets for a specific area situated at a suitable distance from the pods of other attendees.

Why should you go with Eventifier ?

Instant Funding

Any event promoter knows cash flow management is key to running a successful event. With Eventifier you get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts.


We are the online ticketing company that prioritises your needs above all others. When our customers migrate from Eventbrite, they save an average of $16,000 in annual fees.

Set Ticketing Fees

On the ticketing page, other service providers will add their fees. We provide you with complete control over the pricing of tickets and allow you to keep 100% of the proceeds.

Protecting Your Data

We never have in the past, and we will never in the future, sell the information that we gather from you or your guests. Your confidentiality is one of our highest priorities.

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Creating a successful event is not an easy job and one of the most tiring processes is selling tickets. A ticketing system is software that allows you to sell the tickets online, it allows you to create a dedicated ticketing website for the event, and select the different types of tickets you will sell ( platinum, VIP, etc) Set the ticket price, payment options a get detailed report on the ticket sales and registration that you can use for your future sales and events.

Your team will save valuable time that would otherwise go to manual registration and you create a better experience for your customers by avoiding lengthy registration lines. Using this software gives your event a bigger reach on social media because customers can share their purchases on social media allowing you to get more influence, and you can share discount codes to encourage people to buy tickets. Ticketing system software includes a valuable customer service tool to provide assistance regarding ticket selling and registration to help customers with any issue and create a positive experience for them.

If you're looking to sell tickets for your event, the first thing you should do is decide how many seats you want to sell. Once you know that number, it will be easier to figure out what kind of ticket options are available to fit that demand.

For instance, if you have 100 tickets and want to sell them all at once, then there will be no need for a discount code or other options that allow people to buy multiple tickets at once.

But if only a few people will be attending, then it might make more sense to offer discounts based on how many people purchase them. For example, if 20 people buy two tickets each, then each person would get half off their ticket price. If 500 people buy five tickets each and pay $10 per ticket ($50 total), then each person would only pay $5 instead of $10 because they bought five times as many tickets as other purchasers did!

You'll also want to consider whether or not you want the event's proceeds donated back into the community or kept by yourself as an investment opportunity (i.e., a fund for future events).

Offer discounts and promotions

Customers love promotions and rewards so offer them for the first ones to get a ticket and offer discount codes to previous clients to encourage them to become returning customers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

You can integrate the event ticketing system into an email marketing tool to give more information about the ticketing process to potential customers, let them know about the offers and promotions, and show more about the branding and vision of the event. Use a tool to allow you to get a detailed report on clicks and open rates.

Use a Mobile Version

Your target audience probably uses the smartphone more than the desktop so it is important that you use a mobile-friendly ticketing system to make the process easier for your clients and become available to a bigger audience.

Offer Different Price Options and Add-ons

Offer options for customers with a limited budget but also take into consideration those who want to feel more exclusive and get the premium options such as the best seating location or add-ons like appetizers or brand merchandise.

Event management software is a crucial tool for busy event planners. It helps you keep track of your event's details in one place, from the venue to the catering to the guest list. But tracking ticket sales is one of the most important aspects of any event. After all, you need to know how many people are coming to plan accordingly.

So, can you see how many tickets have been sold in event management software? The answer is yes! Most event management software will have a built-in ticketing system that will allow you to see how many tickets have been sold at any given time. This is a valuable tool for event planners, as it will enable you to track progress and ensure that your event is on track.

Some event management software will also allow you to see ticket sales in real time, which can be especially useful if you're running a large event with multiple ticket tiers. This way, you can keep an eye on ticket sales and ensure that everyone who wants to attend your event can do so.

Yes, it does! You can buy and manage event tickets from your mobile phone. In fact, our event ticketing software works on all popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Our ticketing software is designed with a responsive interface that works well on mobile phones, including smartphones and tablets. This means you can access the system from any device at any time.

You can use the system on your mobile phone to buy tickets, manage your event, and view reports. Our system is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, making it ideal for both experienced users and those new to event ticketing software.

Lastly, our system is designed to be secure and reliable. We have built-in many features to ensure that your data is protected from hackers and other criminals. You can rest assured that your customer information will remain safe with us at all times.

The Software isn't free but we offer different packages depending on the program you want, how many events you are going to manage, as well as their size. Our prices are affordable and adapted to your budget. Consider the cost as an investment when you think about how much money you will save thanks to all the tools and marketing features that attract more clients. It is easy to use so you don't need any particular skills to get the most out of it and it will help you keep a track of important analytics that will help you in future events.

Contact our sales representative and they will create a personalized package according to your goals and type of event. We have different options and will help you find the best one while taking into consideration your budget. In order to get a detailed estimate for your project contact us and we will be happy to assist you.