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Create hybrid events for Modern-day Events

The impact of the latest pandemic has been a catastrophic one, with the effects being felt in all spheres of life. This has greatly altered how most businesses operate, and it is clear some things will never be the same again.

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Creating the freedom of choice with Eventifier event software

With Eventifier hybrid events software, you can customize every detail of your event, including when, how, and when you want to run the event. The hybrid event solution offers a hybrid solution where attendees can participate in the event both in-person or remotely through a device.

This flexibility means you reach a wider audience and cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. And should the unfortunate happen and physical gatherings are disallowed, you will still have an avenue to reach your audience.

The comprehensive event platform

Running an event and balancing both physical and online participants can prove time-consuming, expensive, and tasking. Conventionally, one avenue is likely to suffer, and you will end up using more resources than you initially planned. The Eventifier hybrid events software allows you to efficiently and effectively create a hybrid experience for your audience. Some of the key features found in the revolutionary platform include: seamless registration and multi-level ticketing in one platform, catering to both online and offline audiences; functional and productive networking suited for both individual and group settings to create meaningful connections; high-quality and uninterrupted streaming for your online audience.

Mapping the future of events

Everyone wants to choose the best engagement platform, and with Eventifier hybrid event solution, this distant dream is now a reality. The benefits of this system are evident and practical. An unlimited audience – Your event can now reach anyone, anywhere. Lead generation – You can easily add your new leads to your CRM and effectively reach them during or after your event. Quality production and streaming – Deliver flawless content and a quality experience to your virtual audience. Branded Kiosk self-check-in – Minimize ques and wait time through contactless kiosks. On-demand badge printing – Create a personalized experience for your event attendees with white-labeled badge designs

Create engaging and bespoke hybrid event experiences

Eventifier hybrid events platform grants you the boundless ability to create a unique experience for everyone attending your event, regardless of their preferred avenue. The personalized event agenda allows your audience to interact and plan for the event ahead of time. On-demand content means someone can engage with your event, regardless of their physical location or time zone.

Build your own hybrid event right now

Personalized event agenda
It allows online and offline attendees to plan and custom for the every kind of event.
Closed captions
It make your event accessible to everyone.
On-demand content
It gives you the flexibility to accommodate many different multiple time zones.
Chats and Q&A
It increase audience engagement and foster connection.

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Hybrid Event Platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Maria Claud
Hybrid Event Platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Antoine Huffmann
Hybrid Event Platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Nadine Petrolli

High Quality & Prestigious Brands

Advanced cameras combined with a large display and fast performance.



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Virtual events are fully online, while hybrid events use online tools to supplement the in-person experience.

Virtual events are your typical webinar. They start at a set time and take place on a designated URL. You register for them ahead of time, and anyone with an internet connection can tune in live. You can also watch recordings after the fact, or download presentations and handouts for future reference.

Hybrid events combine face-to-face interactions with live webinars or recorded versions. The host may choose to focus on one type of interaction — either live or prerecorded — during each session. The most common format is a live event followed by a recorded version of the same session.

This allows attendees to benefit from both experiences, as well as share their thoughts with each other after the fact. Hybrid events can also be structured so that every session has some element of online interaction. For example, you might have a few prerecorded modules to kick off each day’s agenda and then invite people to ask questions via chat during your live presentations.

A hybrid event management platform is a tool that combines the best features of both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. It has the same functionality as an on-premises solution, but it can be accessed from anywhere. The hybrid approach offers many benefits for companies that need to manage events across multiple locations or time zones.

The hybrid approach is ideal for large organizations with multiple offices, but it also works well for small businesses that need to share information or collaborate with colleagues in different cities or countries.

The most common uses of a hybrid event management platform include registration, attendee management, mobile apps, social media integration, and marketing automation.

These tools can help you to manage your event and provide valuable insights into how it’s being run. With a hybrid solution, you can access all of these features from anywhere. This is especially important if you have an international audience because it allows you to make changes on the fly without having to wait for someone in another office or city to implement them.

There are many benefits to hosting a hybrid event.

  • First, it allows you to reach a larger audience than you would if you held the event in person.
  • Second, it gives you the ability to connect with people from all over the world who might not be able to attend an in-person event.
  • Third, it allows you to create a more immersive experience for your attendees by incorporating elements of both online and offline events.
  • Finally, it allows you to experiment with new technologies and platforms that can help you improve the overall experience for your attendees.

Eventifier is a leading cloud-based event management solution that helps you plan, execute and manage events easily and intuitively. The Eventifier platform brings together all the information you need to run your next event – from your company calendar to your guest list – in one place.

Eventifier is the ideal tool for hybrid events like the ones you'll be able to stream on Eventifier. You can even use it to streamline other types of events or conferences as well. Here are some of the ways you can use Eventifier to stream your hybrid event:

  • Planning: Start by creating a registration page for your hybrid event. You'll want this page to contain all the information you'll need for people to register and register faster than ever on their mobile devices.
  • Execution: Once you've created this page, set up social media channels where people can share information about your event with friends and family members who might not be able to attend live in person.
  • Management: Once your event has ended, you can export all of the information from your Eventifier account into Excel or Google Sheets so that you can keep track of how many people attended each session, what sessions were most prevalent among attendees and more.

Eventifier's Hybrid Events toolkit provides a comprehensive solution for planning and managing your next hybrid event. Eventifier's Hybrid Events platform allows you to manage all aspects of an event, from booking hotel rooms, transportation and food to managing information technology and medical services. Eventifier can help your next hybrid event by providing:

  • An event management platform allows you to manage all aspects of the event, from booking hotel rooms, transportation and food to managing information technology and medical services. The platform also provides access to training materials that help participants plan their conferences better.
  • A reliable solution for managing events with multiple suppliers through our partner network. Our partner network includes hotels, rental cars, caterers, entertainment venues, and convention centers. You'll be able to leverage this network as needed for your next hybrid event.
  • A customized marketing campaign designed specifically for you based on data points collected during your pre-event survey. This campaign will help identify target audience members who are most likely interested in attending your conference or meeting.

Hybrid platforms offer a great combination of features for hosting events in both virtual and physical locations. They provide access to a wide range of technologies such as video conferencing tools or social media tools so that you can reach out to potential customers wherever they are located. The best way to choose a hybrid event platform is to ask yourself the following questions:

What Are Your Goals?

If you want to create an event, you need a hybrid platform. If you want a community of people who can share the same experience and make new friends, then you need a social networking service.

Will the Platform Help Me Achieve My Goals?

If your goal is to create an event that attracts people from all over the world, then you need a hybrid platform. If your goal is to have your friends as guests at your event, then you can use something like Facebook or Twitter.

What Features Do I Want?

If you want a social networking service with many features like messaging and photo sharing, you need something like Twitter or Facebook. If you wish to get essential updates from your guests during the event, many services are available that will do this easily (such as Eventifier).

Hybrid events are the way of the future. But how do you make sure your hybrid event is successful? If you want to host a successful hybrid event, here are some tips:

Plan your event with a clear purpose in mind. This can be something as simple as increasing engagement or building relationships with customers. Your goal should be specific and measurable so that you can evaluate whether or not you were successful at achieving it.

Create an agenda for your event and structure it accordingly. You don’t want attendees to feel like they have too much time on their hands, but you also don’t want them to feel rushed. The agenda should have enough time allocated for networking and interaction with speakers, other attendees, etc., but it also needs sufficient time for presentations, panels, and other activities.

Choose a venue that will support your event’s theme and goals. If you are hosting a conference on sustainability, for example, look for venues that have green practices in place (electricity generated by wind power or solar panels) and offer local food options at lunchtime (if possible). The venue should also be easily accessible by public transportation if possible (or at least provide shuttle services). This will help ensure that people from various locations can get to your event.