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Virtual event platform

Attract new clients and convert more customers by creating an exciting virtual event.

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Why do you need a virtual event platform ?

It doesn’t matter if you have 50 people waiting for a recruitment event, a 500-person hands-on meeting, or an annual conference with 50000 people attending: Eventifier virtual event platform will provide a custom-built solution that’ll help you achieve the same goals as a live event. You can make every event feel unique.

A custom-built approach for your event

People from all over the world can connect, engage, and interact in your virtual event when you use Eventifier. Participants from every continent can join your event, move in and out of virtual rooms, and more – just like a live event. Thanks to those features, Eventifier virtual conference platform will help you increase attending rates, decrease drop-out rates, and improve the overall experience of your next event.

A high-quality stream for you audience

There’s no need to be a professional producer to create a high-quality, professional-grade event. Eventifier event platform comes with a live stream studio that will help you create professional, reliable streams. You can stream a live event or a prerecorded video for your event. Stream live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into your event. Make it your own by adding logos, lower thirds, banners, overlays and more. Take the stress out of speaker management with a virtual greenroom - no download, no registration.

Get more audience engagement

Improve your interactions and spark conversations with your audience using Eventifier’s features. Take interactivity to a new level using a live chat, real-time notifications, and other tools to drive engagement and promote personalised connections with your audience. In turn, audience satisfaction will increase tenfold. Other features include one-on-one meetings, group networking, games, quizzes, and more. It’s all about making your virtual audience feel like they are at a live event, and Eventifier helps achieve that goal.

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Advanced cameras combined with a large display and fast performance.

Virtual event platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Maria Claud
Virtual event platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Antoine Huffmann
Virtual event platform

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

Nadine Petrolli

High Quality & Prestigious Brands

Advanced cameras combined with a large display and fast performance.



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If you are a small business and want to launch a virtual event, you can do it through the Eventifier platform. You can launch a virtual event on the Eventifier platform by following these steps:

Create a new event. This can be done by logging into the Eventifier website and clicking on the Events tab, which will open up a list of all available current affairs for you. You can also search for an occasion when you have logged in by typing in an event name or keyword. If you don't see any results, then it might be because no events are available now.

  • Click on "Create New Event". This will allow you to select a title for your event and start entering details about your event, such as location, dates and times, description, participants' names and email addresses etc.
  • Add additional information about how people can sign-up for your event (e.g., its name). Then click on the "Create Event" button to save your changes.

Yes, Eventifier's allows you to connect with other attendees in order for you to build your personal and professional network on the Attendee Website and Event App. As time goes on each attendee can grow their network and see the connections they have made during all of your organization's events. You will also be able to see which of their previous connections are attending a current event.

First you must determine whether your event is suitable for the connections function. This is the case if the event has a networking focus and belongs to an account that shares the Address Book between events.

Access the Attendee website and the App Builder. Select your event. Click Attendee Hub, then click Website and App. Then click Manage website and app. Enable Connections. Click Features, then click Community. Next to Connections, click on the Kebab Icon.png icon and finally select Turn feature on.

Yes! In fact, our platform also integrates with many virtual meeting clients; such as Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more.

Additionally a platform supports live streaming events and other parasocial options. All you need is the ID number for your virtual meeting, a name and a meeting ID, if applicable, our API takes care of the rest!

Any data-enabled smartphone can utilize our virtual events platform. That means that both Android and iPhone are compatible, as long as you're using an up to date browser, such as Google Chrome or Opera.

With the Eventifier Attendee Event Hub app, you have access to your most important meetings, right at your fingertips.

With easy to set up SSO (single sign on) functionality, once you set it up, you're good to go! For more information on how to set up your mobile device for meetings, head to our Knowledgebase.

Virtual Conferences allow you to connect with people worldwide, regardless of the time zone or physical location. Virtual conferences are an excellent way to communicate with your business partners and customers. You can also use them to develop your skills and knowledge by attending several seminars on a single topic. Virtual conferences can help you:

  • Increase sales. By attending virtual conferences, you can learn new techniques and strategies to help you in your role as a salesperson or manager. For example, if you're a salesperson and want to sell more software, you'll be able to attend sessions about how to sell effectively in various situations. This might include how to deal with objections from clients or how best to make a presentation for potential customers. With this new knowledge, you'll be able to improve your sales figures substantially.
  • Develop additional skills that are useful across different industries. If you work in health care or education, there will probably be times when you must learn new skills that aren't related directly to your industry. Virtual conferencing allows you to attend these types of seminars without having to travel anywhere at all!

Yes, you need to download the software for your attendees to be able to attend the virtual event. The following are some of the most popular options:


The Vidyo platform is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions. It allows you to share your screen with others in real-time and features advanced features like screen sharing, group chat, and high-quality audio. You can also host meetings or events on this platform.


GoToMeeting is another popular option among business professionals. This software allows you to share your screen with others in real-time. It offers security features like password protection and two-factor authentication, making it more secure than many other platforms. The software also includes several additional features, such as access to a large library of video templates and an extensive knowledge base that makes joining meetings more accessible than ever.

Of course you can invite your friends to attend the event. Eventifier's has everything planned for you to invite whoever you want.

You simply register them yourself, on the scheduler side. First you have to access the Register Invitee page and select your event. In the left navigation bar, click on Attendees and then on Attendee List . Click on Register Invitee. Once there, enter the basic information: the invitee's first and last name, then click on Register.

You must consider whether your friend is a registered contact in your address book or a new contact. If your friend is a registered contact you can choose to register this existing contact. If it is a new contact you simply add it and bring it to the beginning of the registration. When registering your guest pay attention to the scheduler, as the mandatory fields for guests are not mandatory for you.

Choosing a virtual event platform is not always a straightforward process. There are many different options out there, and often, it's hard to make an informed decision when faced with many alternatives.

This guide aims to help you choose the right platform by providing some pointers on what factors to consider when choosing a virtual event platform.

The first thing that should be considered is how much power you want your virtual event platform to have. Do you need features like email notifications, scheduling, contact management and more? Or do you want something simple? Some platforms offer more advanced features than others but also have a higher price tag. As with any other product, it's important to consider exactly what your particular toolset needs before committing to one that offers too many bells and whistles.

It's also important to consider whether your budget allows access to all of these features. Many platforms have free versions of their software, but these tend to be fairly limited in terms of functionality. For example, many free versions will only allow access to basic scheduling functionality and no email notifications. It might be worth paying for those extra bells and whistles separately if you want them.

You’ve planned your virtual event, made your invitations, and sent them out. Now what? As the host of a virtual event, it’s up to you to keep the conversation flowing and make sure attendees have everything they need. Here are some tips for hosting a successful virtual event:

Set clear expectations for attendance. If you want to make sure all your guests are logged in at the same time every day, or that they can attend at all, be upfront with them about these details in advance. Make sure everyone knows how much time they need to spend on their computer each day; if you don’t want people spending too much time away from work, be clear about that as well.

Help attendees get organized before the event starts. Provide instructions on how to join the meeting via Skype (or whatever platform you're using), along with any other technical help they might need to participate fully in the discussion. Also include some suggestions for things like topics of discussion or questions that might come up during the event — these can help keep guests engaged when it isn't their turn to speak up!